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Technical sheet

Product details

  • Composition: 100% Vinilo
    100% Algodón
  • Weight: 750g/m2 +- 10%
  • Width: 140cm +- 2%
  • Thickness: 1.20mm +- 10%
  • Impermeability: UNE EN 20811 > 200 cm
  • Abrasion res.: > 200.000 ciclos
  • Tear res.: ISO 13937-2
    >= 15N
    >= 25N
  • Traction res.: ISO 13934-1
    N/ 5cm >= 170
  • U.V. res.: 1.000 horas
  • Light fastness: ISO 105 B02 7
  • Antibacterial treatment: Si
  • Fireproof treatment: UNE 1021 Parts 1-2
    AM 18
    BS5852 Cigarrette & Match
    ÖNORM B3825 (B1)
    CRIB 5
Clean stains with neutral soap and water.
Allow to air dry. For quick drying, use a hairdryer at medium heat.
To clean stubborn stains, such as ink and felt-tip pens, use a mild, diluted solvent.
diluted mild solvent.
Can be dry cleaned with conventional methods and products.
Products to avoid: solvents containing chlorine or alcohol, aerosol or glass cleaners, polishes and bitumens.
glass cleaners, polishes and waxes, and any product with chemical content.
Baby wipes or make-up removers are not recommended, as they will
remove the protective layer that surrounds the material and reduce its shine.
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