Nautical upholstery

Alonso Mercader is proud to present their exclusive line of nautical upholstery, which has been meticulously designed to endure the harshness of the endless sea while embellishing every creation with a touch of peerless elegance.  With decades of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to quality, our nautical upholstery is the ultimate choice for those seeking the best for their boats.

Our legacy in the world of nautical upholstery is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to perfect every aspect of our products, from the selection of premium materials to the most advanced manufacturing processes. As a result, we have established a quality standard that is recognized throughout the industry and remains unsurpassed.

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    At every stage of production, from initial design to final finishing, we focus on quality and attention to detail. Each piece of nautical upholstery that leaves our facilities is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process and dedication to high-end craftsmanship. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, offering boat textile products that not only meet practical needs, but also elevate the aesthetic appearance and overall onboard experience.

    Why should you choose Alonso Mercader's nautical upholstery?

    When it comes to nautical upholstery, Alonso Mercader leads the way with a revolutionary innovation: PURE SILICONE. This cutting-edge material, which is used as a boat textile, has a silicone base, which redefines excellence in terms of durability, strength and functionality.

    Unlike other options on the market, our PURE SILICONE is flame retardant, which guarantees greater safety on board. Additionally, its antibacterial composition helps maintain a healthier environment on the boat, while its resistance to sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity ensures that it maintains its integrity even in the most challenging marine conditions.

    What further distinguishes our nautical upholstery is its FDA biocompatible approval for hospital/food use, which means it is safe for even the most sensitive applications. Additionally, its capacity as an electrical and thermal insulator makes it the ideal choice for any boat upholstery, regardless of size or type.


    Discover the benefits of Alonso Mercader's upholstery for boats

    At Alonso Mercader, we are committed to offering the highest quality nautical upholstery, backed by years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals. Each piece of our nautical upholstery is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. Our goal is to provide our customers with not only an exceptional quality boat textile product, but also an unparalleled service experience.

    From luxury yachts to small recreational craft, our nautical upholstery is designed to suit a variety of needs and styles. Whether you need a stylish upgrade for your existing boat or to outfit a new project, at Alonso Mercader we offer exceptional quality and extraordinary style, no matter what you are looking for.

    We make a difference with our nautical upholstery, so we make your next adventure at sea a new experience. With Alonso Mercader, the boat will not only look stunning, but will also be protected against the elements and ready to face any challenge the ocean may present. Relying on the leaders in nautical upholstery and elevating the sailing experience to a higher level is now possible thanks to Alonso Mercader.