Anti-stain treatment for sofas

We have the definitive solution to keep your sofas always impeccable and free of stains: the anti-stain treatment of Alonso Mercader. Our commitment to quality and innovation has led us to develop an advanced treatment that ensures maximum protection for sofas and keeps them in optimal condition for longer.

Our anti-stain treatment for sofas of Alonso Mercader is based on a specialized formula designed to create a protective barrier on the surface of the fabric. This invisible barrier acts as a shield against spills and stains, prevents them from penetrating the sofa fibers and facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Our unique sofa stain treatment is applied to a wide variety of fabrics, from upholstery fabrics to leather, ensuring long-lasting protection without compromising the softness or appearance of the sofa. Available in all our upholstery collections, protech technology stain-resistant treatment for sofas adapts to customer needs and preferences and offers the peace of mind of having sofas that are always clean and stain-free.

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    With our anti-stain treatment for sofas, sofas are free from possible accidents or spills. Whether it’s children playing, pets running around or just everyday use, our treatment provides the assurance that the sofas will remain spotless and like new at all times.

    The beauty and cleanliness of the sofas cannot be compromised. By choosing our anti-stain treatment for sofas of Alonso Mercader, the protection and durability of the most precious furniture in the house will be assured.

    Keep your sofa always impeccable with stain-resistant treatment

    The exceptional comfort and cleanliness of our sofas are the result of the fabrics that are treated with the innovative anti-stain process made by the incomparable Alonso Mercader. Thanks to our dedicated Research and Development department, we have developed exclusive finishes such as protech, which are specifically designed to protect sofas from unwanted liquids and stains.

    With our anti-stain treatment, it is possible to keep your sofa impeccable in a simple, fast and immediate way. Advanced protech technology provides a protective barrier on the surface of the fabric, preventing spills and stains from penetrating the fibers. This greatly facilitates the daily cleaning and maintenance of the sofa and ensures that it stays in perfect condition for longer.

    Enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that the sofa is protected against everyday accidents, whether spills, food stains, or dirt, is priceless. With Alonso Mercader‘s anti-stain treatment for sofas, our customers can relax and enjoy their sofa without worries, knowing that its impeccable appearance will last over time. Comfort and cleanliness make a perfect match. This is what our sofas treated with protech offer. A new way to enjoy your home!

    Sofa comfort and cleanliness thanks to our stain-resistant treatments

    At Alonso Mercader, our top priority is to offer the best in comfort and durability for any space. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to developing our anti-stain treatments for sofas, which are integrated into our high quality fabrics. Thanks to this advanced technical finish, all sofas with our fabrics will be protected against spills and unwanted stains.

    Our anti-stain treatment for sofas forms a protective barrier on the surface of the fabric, preventing liquids and stains from penetrating the fibers. This facilitates the daily cleaning and maintenance of the sofa, allowing you to enjoy a clean and cozy environment at home without worries.

    The perfect combination of comfort and cleanliness in every corner of the home is found in our anti-stain treatment for sofas. The sofa will look impeccable, no matter the situation: whether enjoying a movie afternoon in the living room or reading a good book in the study. The sofa with the Alonso Mercader  anti-stain treatment will provide maximum comfort at all times.

    Many people rely on the quality and commitment of Alonso Mercader to provide them with solutions that make a difference in their daily lives. Experience a more comfortable and cleaner home is possible with our anti-stain treatments for sofas. The furniture will be protected against stains and spills.