Aircraft upholstery

Alonso Mercader has aircraft upholstery that is specifically designed for the demanding aerospace industry. With years of experience in manufacturing high quality products, we are committed to delivering unparalleled comfort, design and durability on every flight.

Our aircraft upholstery stands out for its meticulous attention to every detail. We use the best materials available on the market, which we select for their strength, durability and ability to withstand the extreme conditions faced by aircraft. From seats to interior panels, every element of our aircraft upholstery is designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety for passengers and crew.

One of the key features of our aircraft upholstery is its ability to meet stringent aviation safety and performance standards. Our materials are certified to meet the most stringent safety standards, including fire and abrasion resistance regulations. This ensures that our products, especially aircraft upholstery, are suitable for use in critical aerospace environments and provide reliable protection in the event of an emergency.

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    In addition to its excellent safety performance, our aircraft upholstery also offers a stylish and attractive design that elevates the flying experience for passengers and crew alike. From color options that are customized to designs that are ergonomic and optimize space and comfort, our aircraft upholstery solutions are designed to impress and meet the most demanding needs of the aerospace industry.

    In short, Alonso Mercader‘s aircraft upholstery for the aerospace industry is the perfect choice for those looking for comfort, design and durability that will be guaranteed on every flight. With our dedication to excellence and our commitment to safety and performance, we are poised to elevate the aerospace travel experience to new heights.

    Excellence in aerospace upholstery

    In an industry where fireproofing and fire resistance meet the stringent “FAR standards”, we stand out as a specialized supplier. The innovative use of cotton and aramid bases for aircraft upholstery positions us among the few able to offer synthetic leather upholstery solutions that meet these exacting standards. Our experience and knowledge in this field allow us to guarantee maximum safety and protection for passengers and crew on every flight.

    Our products, such as aircraft upholstery, make a difference thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality and design. Every detail of our aircraft upholstery is carefully designed to provide uncompromising comfort, durability and safety. 

    From seats to interior panels, our aerospace upholstery offers exceptional performance in all conditions, ensuring an unparalleled flying experience for everyone on board.

    Our passion for excellence is reflected in the meticulous selection of materials and the rigorous manufacturing process that guarantees the quality and reliability of each product we offer. Alonso Mercader is synonymous with the best in terms of aircraft upholstery, where safety and comfort combine to offer an unparalleled flying experience.

    Quality and design in overhead upholstery solutions

    Alonso Mercader stands out in the aerospace industry by redefining aircraft upholstery with solutions that fuse quality and design in every detail. Our wide range of aerial upholstery products guarantees an unparalleled level of comfort and durability, ensuring that every flight is an experience that exceeds the most demanding expectations.

    We are proud to offer aircraft upholstery that not only meets the highest standards of quality and safety, but also incorporates innovative design elements that enhance the aesthetics and passenger experience. From the seats to the interior panels, each product is carefully designed to provide exceptional comfort and unmatched durability, even in the most extreme aviation conditions.

    On every flight, our customers can rely on the excellence of our aircarft upholstery solutions to provide a cozy and elegant atmosphere on board the aircraft. Whether on commercial or private flights, our aircraft upholstery raises the industry standard and ensures a truly exceptional travel experience for all passengers.

    With Alonso Mercader, you get high quality products, exceptional customer service and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations in every aspect of our business, and our aircraft upholstery is a testament to our commitment to excellence in the aerospace industry.