Flame retardant treatment for fabrics and textiles

In Alonso Mercader we present an innovative flame retardant treatment for fabrics, designed to ensure maximum protection and durability of textiles against fire. Always focused on safety and quality, our flame retardant treatment offers an effective solution to protect fabrics in a wide variety of environments and applications.

The technology we use is based on years of research and development. In fact, it has been rigorously tested to meet the highest safety and performance standards. By applying our treatment to fabrics and textiles, they will be protected against the risk of ignition and help prevent the spread of fire in the event of a fire.

In addition to providing effective fire protection, our flame retardant treatment for fabrics improves the durability of the fabrics. Fabrics will retain their original quality and appearance for longer, even under conditions of daily use or exposure to adverse environmental factors.

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    Our flame retardant treatment is available for a wide range of fabrics, including, among others, curtains, upholstery and carpets. Our flame retardant treatment for fabrics protects the textiles we use in commercial, residential or industrial environments, it is a solution that applies to all safety and durability needs.

    In summary, our Alonso Mercader’s flame retardant treatment for fabrics is the perfect choice for those seeking to protect their textiles against fire without compromising quality or performance. Trust in us to ensure the safety and durability of fabrics in any situation.

    Protects textiles with flame retardant treatment

    At Alonso Mercader, we are proud to guarantee the safety and resistance of textiles through our advanced flame retardant treatment for fabrics. Thanks to our innovative idea, we have developed an active flame retardant polyurethane coating that sets new standards in fire protection.

    During our creation process we block the oxygen supply that is necessary for combustion, which converts a wide variety of fabrics into true M1 category flame retardant barriers. This resistance capacity during flame retardant treatment for fabrics is applied independently of the original composition of the fabric, ensuring protection at all times.

    In addition, our flame retardant treatment for fabrics offers an exceptional level of water repellency, reaching up to 1 m/cm². This makes it particularly suitable for sectors such as contract, hospitality and collectivities, where safety and security are of utmost importance.

    Despite its powerful fire and water resistance, our flame retardant treatment for fabrics does not compromise the softness and texture of the product. We maintain the essence of the fabrics, which ensures that they are comfortable to the touch and pleasant to wear while providing unparalleled fire protection.

    If the objective is to find an advanced solution in flame retardant treatments for fabrics, trust in Alonso Mercader. Our products not only meet, but exceed expectations in terms of safety, strength and quality.

    Safety and resistance with our fabric treatments

    Discover the excellent in Alonso Mercader’s flame retardant treatments for fabrics, where innovation and safety come together to offer maximum protection. Our advanced technology, such as the revolutionary active fire-retardant polyurethane coating, guarantees unparalleled fire resistance, durability and quality.

    This process is unique in the textile industry and transforms a wide variety of fabrics into category M1 flame retardant barriers, regardless of their original composition. Whether curtains, upholstery or any other type of fabric, our flame retardant treatment for fabrics guarantees effective protection against fire, providing peace of mind in environments where safety is paramount.

    In addition, our flame retardant treatment for fabrics offers low smoke levels and optimum water impermeability, with a resistance of up to 1 m/cm². This makes them the ideal choice for a variety of sectors, including contract, hospitality and public facilities, where a higher level of safety and security is required.

    Despite their powerful flame retardancy, our flame retardant fabric treatments maintain the softness of textiles, ensuring that fabrics retain their soft and pleasant feel while providing unparalleled protection. Trust in Alonso Mercader to provide advanced solutions in flame retardant treatments for fabrics that exceed expectations in terms of safety and quality.