PU - Polyurethane upholstery

Discover the world of high quality upholstery with Alonso Mercader‘s PU (polyurethane) upholstery. Introducing our line of products that combine aesthetics and strength for a variety of applications. With our PU upholstery, we offer versatile and durable solutions that elevate the look and functionality of any space.

This type of modern upholstery is designed to provide a premium experience in terms of quality and performance. Manufactured to the highest industry standards, our eco-friendly PU upholstery solutions offer a perfect combination of durability and style. Whether for home furnishings, automotive, marine or commercial applications, our PU upholstery options suit a wide range of needs.

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    In addition to its attractive aesthetics, Alonso Mercader ‘s PU upholstery is designed to stand the test of time and daily wear and tear. Its durable, easy-to-clean surface ensures long life and easy maintenance, making it the ideal choice for those seeking durability without compromising style.

    Thousands of customers rely on our experience and dedication to transform diverse spaces with our high quality eco-friendly PU upholstery . With Alonso Mercader, they invest in solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also withstand everyday use.

    Polyurethane upholstery: quality and versatility

    It is an innovative product with Alonso Mercader‘s polyurethane upholstery. The new proposal offers a line of products that combine quality and versatility to provide exceptional solutions. Also known as polyurethane synthetic leather, our PU upholstery stands out for its unparalleled strength and aesthetics, offering a versatile option for a wide range of applications.

    Our eco-friendly polyurethane upholstery offers thousands of options to transform different furniture and spaces. From floors, walls, home furnishings and even commercial applications, our PU upholstery is designed to elevate the look and durability of any product.

    Investing in products that stand the test of time and daily use is possible thanks to our commitment to innovation and quality. In addition, the easy cleaning and maintenance of our polyurethane upholstery guarantees a great experience.

    Without doubt, our polyurethane upholstery can enhance furniture and spaces, offering a perfect combination of style and functionality. At Alonso Mercader we work to provide solutions that exceed expectations and transform spaces, resulting in masterpieces of design and durability.

    Excellence in upholstery: polyurethane synthetic leather

    In Alonso Mercader we have introduced a new line of polyurethane synthetic leather upholstery, an excellent product within the upholstery sector. This high quality material, commonly referred to as polyurethane synthetic leather, has been carefully engineered to offer not only exceptional strength, but also a unique aesthetic touch that enhances any PU upholstery application.

    Polyurethane synthetic leather stands out for its sophistication and durability. Its appearance is elegant, and its feel makes it an unmatched choice for those seeking the best in upholstery. Customizing every detail is possible with a wide range of colors and textures available. In this way, it will adapt perfectly to the preferences and style of each client.

    Our polyurethane synthetic leather is the ideal choice for all those who want to renew home furniture or give a touch of elegance to different commercial projects. Its durability and easy maintenance give the customer peace of mind, ensuring that the furniture will look impeccable for years to come.

    Trusting on the experience and quality of Alonso Mercader is a wise decision. Thousands of spaces can be transformed with the excellent modern upholstery we offer. We are committed to providing solutions that exceed expectations and add a touch of distinction to every corner of the home or business.