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Technical sheet

Product details

  • Composition: 100% PU
    333% Cotton
    67% Polyster
  • Width: 140 cm +- 2%
  • Thickness: 1,1mm
  • Anti hydrolysis: 8 weeks (10 years) 3 weeks 5 years
  • Abrasion res.: >200.000 cycles
  • Heat res.: 150ºC
  • Tear res.: 100 N/cm
    90 N/cm
  • Traction res.: 30%
  • Light fastness: 4
  • Fireproof treatment: OPTIONAL
    UNE 1021 parts 1-2
    BS58525 Cigarette & Match
To keep the sofa looking as good as new, it is recommended to clean it regularly with a dry cloth or a cloth dampened with lukewarm water or vacuumed at a low temperature.
Protect it from direct sunlight and heat sources and try to avoid contact with moisture.
It is important to act on stains immediately so that it is not absorbed.
Type of stains:
- For persistent stains such as biros ink or felt-tip pens: use a cloth dampened with warm water and a little alcohol, white vinegar or cotton wool with make-up remover milk.
- For classic stains such as tomato, chocolate, coffee, oil and soft drinks, the best solution is to use a damp cloth with PH-neutral soap.
- Never rub or scratch the stain or press it aggressively.
Important to avoid:
- Solvents with chlorine or alcohol, aerosols, window cleaners, polishes, waxes and any product with chemical content. Baby wipes or make-up removers are also not recommended.
- Do not apply dry foam, as this will alter the protective treatment.
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