3 specific upholstery concepts for hospital and geriatric use.

Acua Plus:

Polycarbonate protection (polymer with the highest molecular weight on the market) vs. conventional PVC.

  • Oil barrier and water-repellent.
  • Blocks the passage of micro-organisms to plasticisers.
  • Easy to clean surface resistant to ammonia, alcohol and bleach.
  • Retains the migration of plasticisers through use and severe washing.
  • Resists extreme surface abrasion.
  • Biocide: Low toxicity treatment against fungi and bacteria compared to conventional silver nitrate.


Pure silicone (best performing polymer on the market) vs. conventional PVC.

  • – Biocompatibility accepted by the FDA for hospital and food use.

    – Antibacterial and flame retardant nature.

    – Non-corrosive, does not interact with other materials.

    – Total resistance to oxidants, bleach, acids, ammonia, alcohols (ethyl and isopropyl).

    – Easy to clean, stain resistant surface.

    – High UV grade.

Acua Graf:

Conductive material (graphene filled) in black for use in hospital beds, operating theatres and ambulances.