LEGEND enters the world of end products.

These products are perfected in themselves. They do not need to be part of the production process of an upholstery to have an entity of their own.

Natural leather was the first product to fulfil this premise, followed by articles such as Lorica and Nature based on coagulated “Supermicrofibres”, as well as Alcantara and Dinámica. All of them very expensive, some of them delicate and with different levels of softness and feel.

With LEGEND we enter this level at a reasonable price, but with unbeatable quality and resistance. Its “HI SYSTEM” manufacture activates the PU polymers in the coating process, eliminating all problems of premature hydrolysis and the use of solvents in manufacture. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Its soft hand and leather feel with timeless design make it the ultimate choice for installation and home upholstery; extreme abrasion and stain resistance, together with a high flame retardant rating, define it as the ultimate product.