Aligned to the service sector, in a “COVID FREE” framework, we offer our synthetic fabrics which, due to their continuous surface, are the most suitable for sanitisation and disinfection, with total effectiveness against micro-organisms and severe washing.

INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS collection: ACUA Plus, SILICONE and TRX Clenol, hi-tech concepts, the highest biocidal performance. Impenetrable polycarbonate. Resistant to alcohol, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.


PIELTECH Collection: High-solid, biodegradable, recyclable, a robust assembly for easy cleaning and microbial blocking. Polycarbonate offers the highest molecular weight, an impassable barrier. Withstand ammonia, bleach, hydrogen peroxide and alcohols in low concentration.

EVOLVE Collection: Reactive polyurethane, very high specific weight, protection by nature. Washing with bleach, ammonia and alcohols in low concentration.

DIAMOND Collection: Compact mixed polyurethane, ultra-smooth specular surface, maximum safety design. Easy maintenance, sodium hypochlorite, low concentration alcohols and ammonia.

ACUALIS Collection: Biocide load. With the new CANVAS and MARINER we go for style in a technical world. Accepts ammonia, bleach and alcohols in low concentration and ammonia – diluted solution at 20% max.

– Ammonia – Solution diluted to 20% max.

– Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) – Diluted in water to 20% max.

– Alcohol (isopropyl and ethyl)- In low concentration (max. 20%).

Applied textile R&D. For more information, ask for catalogues and samples.