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Las muestras de color son un indicativo y pueden diferir de la muestra real dependiendo de la configuración de su pantalla. Solicite una muestra física para poder estar seguro de como es la muestra antes de realizar su pedido

Ficha técnica

Detalles del producto

  • Composición: 100% Poliéster
    100% Poliéster
  • Peso: 275 g/m2
  • Ancho: 150 cm +-2%
  • Acabado antimanchas: Resina fluorada Fluorochemical treatment
  • Consultar para cortinas: si
  • Deslizamiento de costura: BS 3320:70
  • Lavado y secado doméstico: UNE-EN 26330:94
  • Res. abrasión: BS 5690:91
  • Res. desgarro: UNE 40 404:79
  • Res. pilling: ASTM D-3512
  • Res. tracción: UNE 40 085/1:75
  • Solidez a la luz: UNE 40 187:73
  • Solidez al frote: UNE-EN ISO 105X12:96
  • Solidez a los tintes al agua: UNE-EN ISO 105-E01:96
  • Tratamiento Ignífugo: Kao Corporation
We recommend vacuuming or brushing the upholstery with a soft brush to remove dust and other debris.
Stains should be removed immediately with a clean damp cloth and neutral soap. Rub the stain lightly and dry with a hairdryer from the outside inwards.

Types of stains:
Liquor, wine, coffee, etc.: Rub lightly with a clean damp cloth. For liquor stains use diluted alcohol; for wine stains use diluted white vinegar; for coffee or tea stains use diluted ammonia.

Oil and grease: Rub with warm water and neutral soap. If stains persist, use a dry stain remover; apply the product with a clean cloth, rubbing gently from the outside inwards.

It is advisable to test beforehand on an inconspicuous area.

Ink: Rub the stain with kitchen paper and then press with a cloth dampened with alcohol.

Do not use bleach, waxes, stain removers, dishwashing products or any other solvents.

Washing instructions:
Hand wash in warm water or machine wash at 30º and neutral soap, do not wring out or spin dry. Do not tumble dry. To dry you can use a towel or a hairdryer at medium-low temperature.
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